Closed: Haworth Tompkins Architecture Insight Evening

Haworth Tompkins

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Do you have an interest or want to find out more about architecture? Then join the Haworth Tompkins Architecture Insight Evening!

Haworth Tompkins is an award-winning architectural studio with an international reputation for intelligent, purposeful design. The studio works throughout the public, private and subsidised sectors on a wide spectrum of projects ranging from theatrical and culturally oriented buildings, to housing, higher education, and industrial buildings. We pay close attention to the specific chemistry of individual places and cultural situations, seeking to understand both the context and possible future life of our clients’ buildings - a process which often yields original or unconventional design solutions.

We will be showing you the life of a project from start to finish explaining how we work and all the various teams of people who we work with to take a project from an idea through to a physical place. You can expect to gain knowledge about the various roles of an architect and ask questions about the work we do and how it fits into the wider construction industry

Placement Notes

This session will take place from 4pm-6pm.

Skills/Experiences You Will Gain:

Understanding how the organisation operates
Career Development Workshop
Understanding more about the sector
Understanding how a business operates
Communication Skills
Time management
Team work
Project work

Great For Students Who Are:

Team Player
Hard Working
Interested in learning industry basics
Willing to work in a team
Capable with numbers

Candidate Questions

Below are a number of questions which you will need to answer to apply for this opportunity.
What do you already know about what architects do?

What would you consider a ‘great day’ at work?

What type of building would you like to design?