Closed: Introducing the captivating world of Creative & Digital Media

The High Tide Foundation

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The High Tide Foundation creates opportunities for young people to enhance their career education. The foundation has many years experience in providing `life changing` work experience to young people and the opportunities cover a range of different sectors from Law, Finance, Engineering, Media, Shipping, Automotive and many more.

The Creative Media industry is responsible for all the TV shows you watch, video games you play and adverts you see everywhere. Tees Valley hosts some of the world leaders in Creative Media with opportunities available to you!

This opportunity will begin with an introduction to the Tees Valley digital sector with Digital City, you will learn about building a Digital business and the opportunities that are available to you.

You will work with branding expert Mark Easby from Better Brand Agency. You will get to understand what goes into designing a brand from creating a logo to the design of adverts.

Finally, you will work with Algebra PPC Agency to learn how to make advertisements for Google and how marketing works in the digital age.

This opportunity will connect you with some impressive Creative Media firms where you will discover the breadth of opportunities available to you.

Skills/Experiences You Will Gain:

Decision Making
Communication Skills
Digital marketing
Goal setting
Problem solving
Time management
IT skills

Great For Students Who Are:

Hard Working
Keen to try new things

Candidate Questions

Below are a number of questions which you will need to answer to apply for this opportunity.
Creative: What would you create if you were given £100,000 tomorrow?