Green Skills Week 2021 - Insight Day `App in a Day`

Anglian Water

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Today we, at Anglian Water, go to work to find new and better ways to look after your water. Keeping taps flowing and drains draining.

Anglian Water supply water and sewage services across the East of England, that’s approximately 20% of England and Wales and employ over 5,000 people in a range of roles from engineers, scientists, mechanical technicians, park rangers and IT architects who keep everything running.

We face huge challenges to meet the needs of the future from climate change, environmental pressure, housing growth, Coronavirus recovery, and we are always adapting to explore new digital developments including AI, VR and AR.

What will be next?

One day you could join and explore with us too. Get involved today.

The Insight Day - App in a Day will allow you to take part in a range of sessions meeting Anglian Water employees and business experts, helping you gain knowledge of skills needed in the workplace and working in a project team to create and present a concept design for an IT/digital solution.

We will ask you to create a digital based solution to one of our key challenges – water consumption. Can you help us reduce water consumption? You will use the Design Thinking Process to help you collaborate to solve a multi-faceted problem to meet the needs of a specific audience.

Design Thinking is an innovative approach to problem- solving and idea generation that embraces empathy, creativity, collaboration – 10’s of thousands of businesses are using this approach, so take this opportunity to find out more.

You will need to have wifi and computer access for the day with camera and audio access. Somewhere quiet to work. Lunch and breaks will be taken during the day to be arrange during the work experience by your project teams. We welcome Year 10 students.

Today, together, we can all make a difference in water and Love Every Drop.

Skills/Experiences You Will Gain:

Decision Making
Communication Skills
Problem solving
Interpersonal skills
Professional Etiquette
Time management
IT skills
Team work
Project work

Great For Students Who Are:

Interested in learning industry basics
Willing to learn
Keen to try new things

Candidate Questions

Below are a number of questions which you will need to answer to apply for this opportunity.
Passion: What cause(s) are you are passionate about? Please also explain why.

Which of your skills would you like to improve?

Entrepreneur: If you could go back in time and be the person who invented something we use today, what would it have been and why?