Green Skills Week 2021 - Empowering young women for sustainable futures

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Come and learn about green career opportunities and the different pathways available to you.

During this workshop you gain an understanding of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), a global framework to create a fair, peaceful and sustainable world by 2030. We will use this to explore your own unique interests and skills to see what you might be most suited to.

This workshop will consist of an interesting mixture of quizzes, presentations and challenges to help you learn about sustainability and how you can apply it to solving the world’s most pressing problems. Do come and join us for a lively and informative session, with lots of ideas, resources and signposting to set on your own green education and career pathway.

Skills Experience you will gain:

Career development knowledge & ideas

Communication skills

Team working skills

Knowledge about SDG’s

Skills/Experiences You Will Gain:

Career Development Workshop
Communication Skills
Team work

Great For Students Who Are:

Team Player
Willing to learn
Keen to try new things

Candidate Questions

Below are a number of questions which you will need to answer to apply for this opportunity.
Which of the world’s environmental or social problems do you want to help solve the most?

What would your dream job or career be?

What green job or career would you like to learn about the most?