A compelling morning, interactive session with the Army in Scotland. For Scotland based students

Army Headquarters Scotland

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Hello there,

Every year thousands of young people join the Army. For some it`s a way of doing a paid apprenticeship and leaving after 4 or 5 years with a free driving licence and new set of skills and qualifications and the confidence to start a career in a new sector. For others, they love the feeling of belonging the Army gives you so much they decide to stay with it and develop their skills as a leader in a full Army career.

But what is the Army? What does it do, and how does it work? What skills and activities does it offer. What is life as a soldier or an officer like? What have they learned since leaving school, with perhaps few qualifications or changed their mind about what they wanted to do as they learnt more about working life? How does the Army contribute to wider society?

Join our Your Army session, and you`ll find out. This live hosted events has a mix of cool videos and visuals with which we talk you through all aspects of the Army`s role in Britain and around the world. There will be live question and answer session with some young soldiers who took the chance of joining the Army a few years ago, and they`ll give you their honest opinions. There will be some banter and laughs, and perhaps a discussion about some of the attributes and skills we build in our people through some of the best training in the world, such as leadership, confidence, resilience and STEM skills.

This is a very general presentation, which you`ll find informative even if you have no interest in joining.

However if you enjoy it, look out for some of the others sessions we`ll be offering on this site.

Placement Notes

This will be a virtual event via Google Classrooms. Morning Session Join the Classroom at 09:15 hrs and we`ll call you in a few minutes beforehand. The main presentation and discussion will start at 09.30am and finish at 11.30am. Afternoon Session Join the Classroom at 12:45 hrs and we`ll call you in a few minutes beforehand. The main presentation and discussion will start at 13.00pm and finish at 15.00pm. Nothing for you to prepare. Just come with an open mind.

Skills/Experiences You Will Gain:

Understanding how the organisation operates
Understanding more about the sector

Great For Students Who Are:

Willing to learn
Keen to try new things

Candidate Questions

Below are a number of questions which you will need to answer to apply for this opportunity.
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