Closed: Careers in cyber, protecting the UK’s interests at home and abroad

British Army

Available Between

2 hour insight course: 10:00-12:00

Are you interested in jobs at the cutting edge of cyber security? Want to discover careers involving IT where you’re not stuck in an office? Eager to find out about roles setting up secure cyber network and the world of cyber warfare? Then join the Royal Corps of Signals for an insight into some of the Army’s most technologically advanced trades.

This insight session will be a mixture of interviews with serving Cyber Engineer and Electronic Warfare specialists, and mini skills development workshops where you’ll be working with soldiers in small groups. Come prepared to get involved and find out about how Army careers are evolving to meet the cyber challenges of the future!

Skills/Experiences You Will Gain:

Understanding how the organisation operates
Career Development Workshop
Decision Making
Problem solving
IT skills

Great For Students Who Are:

Team Player
Willing to learn
Keen to try new things
Interested in problem solving

Candidate Questions

Below are a number of questions which you will need to answer to apply for this opportunity.
Which of your skills would you like to improve?

What interests you about roles in cyber security?

What are the biggest influences on your choice of future career?