NHS Careers: The Allied Health Professions

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The Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Careers Hub would like to invite young people aged between 14 – 19 years of age and studying in Greater Manchester to come along to an Insight Session 9.00am -12.30pm on Wednesday 9th March to find out more about Allied Healthcare Professions on offer within the NHS.

You will be able to hear from different Allied Healthcare Professionals about their role, what they like the most about it and how they got to where they are now. You will be encouraged to think about your own values and behaviours and how you could use them to help people and be part of the NHS. By attending the session you will better understand what you can do now to prepare for a rewarding career for life.

Allied Health Professionals make up a large proportion of the NHS workforce, but can you name one?

They have an extremely important role in patient care and work closely with multiple disciplines within the NHS. During this session you will hear from some of the following Allied Health Professions:

  • Radiographer
  • Dietitian
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Orthoptist
  • Paramedic
  • Physiotherapist
  • Podiatrist
  • Speech and Language Therapist

This session will take place on Wednesday 3rd March 2022 from 9-12.30

Placement Notes

Priority will be given to students within the Greater Manchester area

Skills/Experiences You Will Gain:

Understanding how the organisation operates
Career Development Workshop
Understanding more about the sector
Interpersonal skills

Great For Students Who Are:

Interested in learning industry basics
Willing to learn

Candidate Questions

Below are a number of questions which you will need to answer to apply for this opportunity.
What are your current career aspirations?