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Taking Part: Schools

The S4SNextGen programme specifically targets schools and their students aged 14-19 with poor access to work experience. Grades, qualifications and existing industry interest is not taken into account, but enthusiasm, open-mindedness and need for the experience are. Employers hope to reach the students who are least likely to come into their industry or profession, and might not have the awareness, confidence, or links to do so without good work experience.

Teachers are asked to nominate students who fall in these categories to apply for opportunities. The following types of activity are available.

  • Work experience placements. 1-Week Placements with leading employers take place throughout the year but are mainly focussed around half terms and the Summer. All placements are designed to be learning experiences that help students better understand the world of work, gain transferable skills and valuable insights about industries to help pave the way for their next steps.
  • Insight Days and other opportunities. We are working with a number of employers who are keen to engage with state school students via one day ‘insight days’ to offer a quick glimpse at an industry whilst allowing employers to engage with a large number of enthusiastic students.

**Please note: Placements available at any given time do vary so please do register above and click view opportunities to see what is currently available. If there are no opportunities available in your area we will be in touch as opportunities are added.

Both students who took part in the placements were extremely positive about their experience, it developed their knowledge of the areas they were interested in - law and finance. Both students stated being inspired to achieve their career goals and one student who had ruled it out previously is now applying to university and has further improved his attendance and motivation at college." - Kay, Teacher, Havering Sixth Form College

Programme Requirements

Our programme and platform is entirely free to our schools and their students however there is a basic Participation Agreement to help ensure placements take place, have proper safeguarding and we can continue to improve the platform for all users.

This free, special programme requires the following of schools/colleges:

  1. Must be a state secondary school/college in the UK.
  2. A teacher/staff member administrator manages the process and nominate the most appropriate students as the placements are limited. A teacher must also answer a short set of questions for each applicant to support their application. Multiple teachers can register from your school.
  3. To ensure the required checks are carried out in regards to parental consent, risk assessment and any other legal requirements for the student or school/college.
  4. Help facilitate the placement by coordinating with the employer directly and ensuring the student is suitably prepared for the placement.
  5. Provide feedback and willingness to share recommendations at end of process.

These are the basic terms of our Participation Agreement for S4SNextGen, but once you are registered we offer guidance and help along the way if needed. Register below to take part or find out more!

Register as a School User

For information on how the platform works, see the step-by-step process below...



When you submit your registration, for safeguarding reasons we will need to confirm you are a staff member at your school before accepting your application. This can take a few days. We also require students to be approved by teacher administrators before they can submit applications.​ 



When your account has been approved you can use our simple search tool that lets you look at opportunities in your area and search by opportunity type. 

All employers are esteemed in their industry.



As places are limited, we ask schools to consider nominating 2-5 students who would not have access to work experience through their own parental or other networks and consider other need factors. Existing industry interest and grades are not a factor as this is to help spark their ambitions as their first step into the professional world. You can nominate students either when you find an advert of interest, or via your dashboard.



Teachers receive an email as soon as there is an interview or placement offered. Although students are notified to check with you for an update, in both circumstances you (as the school user) will be introduced to the employer to facilitate the placement or interview.



The application will then go to the employer so they can review weeks in advance and decide who is the best candidate for the placement. As with all applications in the world of work, some students will be unsuccessful. Students are welcome to apply for other S4SNextGen opportunities.



All student applications require a Teacher Cover Note before it gets sent to the employer, with a few basic questions about them and their need levels. This can happen when you first nominate a student or you will be prompted when a student at your school attempts to submit an application. 

More than one teacher can register from the school/college to help with this. 



The teacher/school user is responsible for arranging the final logistics for the placement. When you are put in touch with the employer, you will need to finalise the logistics (timings, duration, location etc) and the Safeguarding and Health & Safety aspects (e.g. Risk Assessments). S4SNextGen has an array of best practice guidance available for users.



To ensure the student gets the most out of the placement, it is important that they are fully prepared for the placement and know where to go. Again, S4SNextGen has a number of resources to help with this including checklists and best practice.



After the placement has taken place we encourage employers, students and schools to feedback on their experience. This helps to focus the student on next steps, encourage employers to offer more placements and helps S4SNextGen improve our service.

To keep our process free and improving, all users must submit feedback (including our employers).